Military MREs – A Soldiers Food in Battle

When you are fighting in a war, you would constantly want to have lighter gears so that you can freely move anytime. Also, at the end of the day, you would want to indulge in great flavored meals to restore your energy for the next day’s battle. However, these circumstances do not really happen when you are in the battle field. You will even have to face so much worse than this. You have to run for your life and at the same time, defend the name of your country. And since you can be located in some unknown place, you cannot expect to be able to eat your desired meals all the time. The Defense Department of the United States has seen this problem which is why they have come up with MRE meals.

MRE meals are known as Meals, Ready to Eat. But how can these meals be safe to eat when they need to be packed ahead of time and by the time they would reach the soldiers location, they might not be safe to consume anymore. To answer these concerns, the Special Forces have made a solution to this predicament. These meals are in arid form so that they can give the following benefits:

1. They are light to carry. These Military MRE meals’ weight varies, depending on the type of entree but basically they range from 18 to 26 ounces.
2. Being in arid form, they tend to have a longer shelf life. Soldiers can also enjoy a hot meal because in the package, it includes a flameless ration heater (FRH). By placing in the dehydrated meal on top of this heater, it will expand the food into a hot meal.

Before, the US Defense section has been providing the soldiers with canned meals which were called as MCIs (Meal, Combat, Individual Rations). They were inappropriate for battle because of the additional load it can give to the baggage of the soldiers. Canned goods were also not safe to eat because of the extra chemicals the food can get from the tin can.

They also used LRP rations which are lighter versions of the MCIs. The packaging was also replaced: from cans to pouches. However, the LRPs proved to be unsatisfactory to the tongues of the soldiers which led them to the making of Army MREs. Though these Military grade meals are not the best meals they can have while being on battle, at least it is a step up to the previous instant food that the Defense department has provided. With the MRE meals, soldiers are also provided with food which will supplement them with extra calories they need for the next combat.